Begin Again.

photo 3-001

Featured Art:
Title: “Live”
Mixed Media Collage on Watercolour Paper
Size: 5×7 in.

For the longest time, I’ve been wanting to revive this creativity blog. But, somehow, the idea keeps getting pushed to the side. Pretty much the same way “creative time” keeps getting pushed to the side.

Today, however, I decided it’s time. Time to start again. Time to make more art. Time to create more.

Yes, I know that time will continue to be taken away over and over. By work. By chores. By all sorts of other demands that say “This is more important than that creative-making.”

Even though the truth of the matter is: No matter how important those other things may be, a creative soul’s purpose is to create.

If we push it aside, it will keep bugging us. Taunting us. Telling us it’s not right not to make some time for creativity in our hectic lives.

We get all moody and grumpy and silly.

And, it’s because we’re trying to smother that creativity that needs to be expressed.

That’s why I’m hoping that through this blog, I can give myself permission to express this creativity more openly. And, yes, maybe you’d like to consider this YOUR permission too. Though, really, we don’t need that permission. We  just have to get on with it and create.