Hello and welcome to Chrysalis Creativity! I’m Shai Coggins, your host here on this blog.

Is This Site For You?

I’m recreating this site for people like me who love to create but don’t have a lot of time on our hands.

We’re the weekend painters, break time sketchers, or night time artists. The rest of the time – we’re business women/ mothers / managers/ workers/ wives/ carers…

We’re not looking for art galleries to represent us. Probably not even trying to find buyers for our creations or shows to exhibit in (though we’re open to selling and showing, if the occasion arises).

We just want to find ways to make art, to create – in whatever little time we have.

If you’re just like us, then, welcome.  We hope that you’ll also enjoy exploring and experimenting with little bits of creativity in our everyday lives.

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The Background

I created this site way back in the mid-2000s as a way to cultivate my growing passion in art and creativity. Unfortunately, I sort of lost my way through work, marriage, entrepreneurship, motherhood, and everything else that came on my path.

I’ve been wanting to revive this site for ages, but kept going back and forth on the direction that I want to take it.  Some time in 2012/13, I decided that even though I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do just yet, I knew that the old content no longer mattered. I feel bad about scrapping years of content. But, it wasn’t content that I wanted on  anymore. The posts no longer reflected what I wanted out of a creativity blog.

Thankfully, even though I’ve had this site for several years, I haven’t really managed to update it that often. So, I didn’t have to throw away too much.

But then, I suppose, even if I did – I know that that’s also part of the creative process. After all, how many pages have I thrown out when writing stories, poetry and essays? How many paintings, drawings, and sketches have I thrown away when I knew they no longer fit my creative direction?

Throwing away things and beginning again is part of the growth and transformation we experience in creativity.